Red Sea Aggressor II

Diving Overview

Clear water, beautiful reefs and numerous fish species bring divers to the Red Sea located in the Middle East. The Red Sea is surrounded by desert with very little rainwater to replenish it, as a result the salinity rate is higher than other oceans around the world. These circumstances have created excellent dive conditions year-round, with very clear visibility.

There are a variety of diverse dive environments in the Northern Red Sea, including some world class wrecks, colourful reefs, deep walls, and drift dives. There can be medium to strong currents in some areas requiring diving experience, but mostly the diving is suitable for all experience levels. Ras Mohammed Marine Park is one of the best protected marine areas in Egypt with some of the Red Sea’s healthiest reef habitats. You can drop into the dive site Anemone City to see a variety of clownfish (anemone fish) in their resident anemones. The Thistlegorm is the best-known wreck dive in the Red Sea, a British army freighter 120 meters long that sank in 1941. A long list World War II relics still remain inside to be explored, including motorcycles, jeeps, rifles, munitions crates, and boots. While the Thistlegorm is the most popular, there are countless other wrecks to explore as the history of Egypt dates back to 3250 BCE, the Red Sea is a haven for wreck divers keen to explore the ships left behind from ages of failed voyages.

With over 1000 species of fish and 150 species of coral, there is a rich diversity of life here. 20% of the fish species found here are endemic to only the Red Sea, you won’t find them anywhere else in the world. The reefs in the Red Sea are highly resilient to climate change for reasons unknown, offering pristine specimens of hard and soft corals. You can always expect to find swarms of purple and orange anthias, schools of jackfish and schools of baitfish dancing around these reefs. There are also giant moray eels, sting rays, scorpion fish, trigger fish and many more reef fish to be found here.

Marine life highlights to see:
• Anemone fish
• Gorgonian fans
• Dolphins
• Blue-spotted stingrays
• Red sea anthias
• Unicorn fish
• Bumphead parrotfish


The Red Sea Aggressor II is a spacious 138 ft. yacht with a 26 ft. beam, built and powered for comfort, safety and stability. She is diesel powered, cruises at 10-12 knots and has 220-volt power. The Red Sea Aggressor II has 2 Master staterooms each with a queen bed, 8 Deluxe staterooms each with two twin beds, and 1 suite with a queen bed. The yacht has a beautiful spacious salon, large sun deck with shading, Jacuzzi, chaise lounges and deck chairs, bar and a complete photo/video center. The onboard video format is both NTSC and PAL.

Comfortable accommodations for 22 guests include 11 spacious staterooms each independently air-conditioned, a private head and shower, porthole view window, mirrored cabinet, hair dryer, fresh towels and volume controls. Each stateroom has a 32-inch flat screen TV offering a selection of 400 movies, TV shows and documentaries. Guests will also be able to plug their computers into the TV screen to edit underwater pictures and video.

Two single beds (side by side), 35″ x 79″, porthole, bathrobes, hairdryer, fresh towels, air-conditioning, 32-inch flat screen TV with a selection of over 400 movies and private bathrooms.
One queen bed, 60″ x 78″ inches, Port hole, bathrobes, hairdryer, fresh towels, air conditioning, 32-inch flat screen TV with a selection of over 400 movies and a private bathroom.
One queen bed, 60″ x 78″ inches, picture window, bathrobes, hairdryer, fresh towels, air conditioning, 32-inch flat screen TV with a selection of over 400 movies and private bathrooms.