Scuba Getaway: Greenland Expedition

TRIP Overview

Scuba Getaway is embarking on a new adventure to the Arctic waters of Greenland! This will be unlike any trip we have done before. This tour is for divers who have dreamed of exploring ice bergs both above and below water. The immense scenery with its steep mountains, gigantic fjords, and glaciers are unforgettable. Upon arriving in Greenland will will be staying in a local lodge in the town of Tasiilaq, before we move to a private ice camp located on the Sermilik fjord. Diving will take place from small boats, and a dry suit is required for the chilly waters! Greenland is the largest island in the world, and much of it still remains very unexplored.

During our trip we will take part in many land excursions and boat tours for whale watching! Whales stay here in great numbers to feed on krill and capelin (a small fish species) during the summer months. It is quite common to observe humpback whales, finback whales, and minke whales. It is also occasionally possible to observe many other whale species – including orca whales and the huge blue whale. Underwater, the astonishingly varied and colourful world may surprise many divers. You will discover real kelp forests and coral walls, and macro photographers will have the opportunity to catch extremely rare species on camera.

Of course the most exciting thing to see during the dive is the icebergs. One day a bay, or even an entire fjord, is full of icebergs or pack ice, while the next day you can only see open water. Temperatures, wind and currents create the Arctic anew every day. Our dives will take place on icebergs starting from our camp at Sermilik Fjord. It is the second largest ice fjord in the world, and yet it is rarely visited by tourists.

We will also get the chance to explore the Inuit community on our expedition. The Inuit have always been skilled hunters and fishermen. No wonder, since this was the only way to survive in the icy wilderness. Many traditions are still essential elements of the communities. This also includes the craftsmanship of the carvers, who make figures from bones, ivory, reindeer antlers and other materials. On our way home we will connect through Iceland, where we will have the opportunity to extend our trip for some exploration days.

Highlights to see:

  • Icebergs and ice in all forms
  • Humpback whales
  • Minke whales
  • Fin whales
  • Calving glaciers and ice fjords
  • Sea birds
  • Seals
  • Kelp forests
  • Coral walls


For the first part of our journey we will be staying in local lodging. The house is charming and traditional, but a newly renovated Greenlandic house conveniently located in the middle of Tasiilaq. It offers a fantastic view over the town and the fjord. The house comfortably sleeps up to 15 people in single beds distributed on 6 rooms. In the living room, you will find a TV and a stereo along with a small collection of music and books. The kitchen is fully equipped for self catering, and the bathroom has a hot water shower as well as a flushing toilet. Outside you will find a sunny porch for you to enjoy.

For the majority of our trip we will be staying at the Ice Camp located directly on the edge of an ice fjord. The camp consists of five simple cabins that each sleeps two people. Every single cabin is situated in a way that ensures views of the magnificent icebergs and the striking fjord. Additionally, each cabin is equipped with toilet facilities, power outlets, and of course, two comfortable beds. The huts have been decorated to conform into the Arctic nature — each in a different individual theme. Furthermore, the cabins have been painted in the traditional style of Greenlandic settlements making them look like a small village in themselves. Moreover, the camp includes a great main house with a dining area and shower facilities.


Located in the middle of Tasiilaq, this house has 6 bedrooms that can sleep 15 comfortably.


5 twin cabins equipped with toilet facilities, power outlets, and 2 comfortable beds. The main house has dining area and shower facility.



Please note: This itinerary only can be seen as an example. The complete tour depends on the weather and ice situation. It’s possible that plans need to be changed during the tour!


Prices are per person, all taxes are already included.

Per Person: TBD

Prices do not include flights, additional hotel stays, additional land activities, gear rental, gratuities, and travel insurance (highly recommended).
Dive insurance is required to travel with Scuba Getaway, travellers need to purchase this separately.